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                M7E pure electric tractor assists in zero carbon transformation of port transportation, Anhui Tongling's first batch of new energy heavy-duty trucks officially put into operation

                Article source:Hanma Technology Group Upload time:2023-12-04

                On the morning of November 30th, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of 5 M7E pure electric tractors was successfully held at Anhui Xiangtai Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiangtai Logistics"). The successful delivery of this vehicle not only helps Xiangtai Logistics achieve clean transportation and promote the green transformation of port transportation, but also serves as a positive demonstration for the electrification application of the first batch of new energy heavy trucks in Tongling, Anhui.

                In recent years, Tongling City has actively implemented the national "dual carbon" strategy, launched multiple measures to promote the green development of road transportation, accelerated the implementation of green development in the road transportation industry, and continued to promote the development of green freight transportation. As the first local "crab eating" logistics enterprise, Pan Hongxiang, Chairman of Xiangtai Logistics, said, "Our company responds to the national" dual carbon "call, actively promotes the green transformation of the enterprise, achieves energy conservation, emission reduction, and ecological protection.". Therefore, when the company needed to purchase new vehicles this time, we proactively introduced new energy heavy-duty trucks

                It is understood that Xiangtai Logistics was established in 2011, adhering to the business philosophy of "safety, efficiency, integrity, and innovation", providing integrated logistics solutions for well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Tongling Nonferrous Metals, COSCO Shipping, and Daye Nonferrous Metals, including waterway general cargo transportation, ship management business, and road cargo transportation. This time, for the replacement of new energy heavy-duty trucks, Xiangtai Logistics carefully researched the market, and after multiple comparisons and vehicle trials, ultimately chose the M7E pure electric tractor.

                The M7E tractor has advantages such as green environmental protection, safety and reliability, and economic comfort. Once launched, it quickly won recognition and favor from transportation markets such as ports, steel mills, mines, and power plants. The vehicles put into operation this time mainly have port ore transportation, which requires higher power and carrying capacity of the vehicles. The power performance of the M7E pure electric tractor can be said to be excellent, equipped with mainstream brand motors to ensure that the vehicle has sufficient power and meets long-term reliable operation. In terms of transmission, it is equipped with a self-developed VCU and a five in one controller, which is suitable for various scenarios of towing vehicles, making it easier to operate and more comfortable.

                In addition to its strong power, the M7E pure electric tractor also has a very light weight and excellent lightweight level. It adopts the latest technology and materials for scientific weight reduction, with optional aluminum alloy wheels and vacuum tires, making its own weight lighter. At the same time, optimizing the height of the longitudinal beam, optimizing the structure and thickness of the crossbeam, further reducing the weight of the chassis, truly achieving faster running with more pulling.

                Of course, for cardholders who pursue efficiency, in addition to power, the operational efficiency of vehicles is also their true concern. The person in charge of Xiangtai Logistics team said, "Our vehicle's daily mileage is about 100 kilometers, and the M7E pure electric tractor can basically meet the needs of a day by charging once.". The M7E pure electric tractor is equipped with a 350kWh high-capacity power battery pack from a top domestic brand, which has the advantages of long range, reliable and durable quality. At the same time, the entire vehicle has also undergone aerodynamic optimization, low drag design, more energy-efficient, and can easily meet the transportation needs of customers.

                In terms of vehicle energy replenishment, the M7E pure electric tractor has multiple charging methods and adopts an integrated design of charging and pure electricity. It can choose between fast charging mode and pure electric mode. 3-5 minutes of pure electricity, fast charging for 1 hour to fully charge, the vehicle can be "fully charged and resurrected", achieving 24-hour efficient attendance.

                In addition, the comfort of the M7E pure electric tractor has been praised by truck drivers. The vehicle adopts a surround instrument panel, fully considering the convenience of human-machine operation, integrating air conditioning controller, handbrake, cup holder, air outlet, and power socket. All control components are concentrated around the driver, making the layout more reasonable, convenient, and user-friendly. It is also equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, adjustable instrument display, MP3/multimedia control, making driver operation more convenient; 8-inch LCD instrument panel+8-inch central control display screen, real-time display of vehicle dynamics, maximum convenience for drivers to control vehicle information. The consistent evaluation of the M7E pure electric tractor by the experienced drivers of Xiangtai Logistics is that it is fast to start, noise free, easy to drive, and has sufficient power.

                In order to ensure that customers can use the vehicle with peace of mind, the M7E pure electric tractor also provides customized after-sales service guarantee solutions, full process order management, full-time online, ensuring on-demand and quick resolution of customer problems, and creating greater value for users.

                Low carbon transformation, green transportation takes the lead. The smooth delivery of M7E pure electric tractor not only promotes the green transformation of Xiangtai Logistics into a new stage, but also contributes to the promotion of new energy heavy-duty trucks in Tongling and the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal.