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                New overseas move: Sany Heavy Industry will open a North Carolina distribution center in the United States

                Article source:equipment world Upload time:2023-11-29

                Sany Heavy Industries plans to open a warehouse and distribution center covering approximately 49000 square meters near Wilmington Port in North Carolina, USA in January 2024.

                This facility was previously owned by Trex cranes and is equipped with 20 cranes, industrial grade electrical equipment, as well as internal and direct railway services. The recent upgrades include new railway infrastructure as well as sandblasting, painting, and curing workshops. The factory is only 3.2 kilometers away from the port, making it an ideal place to transport its buildings, ports, and material handling equipment. It is reported that Sany Heavy Industry has signed a long-term lease agreement.

                "As an important part of our expansion plan in the North American market, Sany USA is pleased to be in the Wilmington area. The location of this facility is close to the port, and its capacity and local community have exceeded our expectations, which is also one of the reasons why we chose the Wilmington Business Park," said Xu Qingwei, CEO of Sany USA

                According to the announcement from the Wilmington Business Development Department, Sany Heavy Industries expects to create 50 job opportunities in the region during this stage and gradually increase recruitment over time. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sany Heavy Industries has over 26000 employees worldwide, with global sales exceeding $80 billion in 2022. The headquarters of its US subsidiary is located in Peach Tree City, Georgia.

                "The arrival of Sany America has added another globally renowned brand to our list of high-quality companies in the market, validating the influence of our long-term strategic planning and expanding the development of the port near/in port model," said Scott Satterfield, CEO of Wilmington Business Development.