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                Focusing on the leasing market, Komatsu will launch PC138E-11 electric excavator

                Article source:First Engineering Machinery Network Upload time:2023-11-24

                Recently, Komatsu announced on its official website that it plans to launch a new 13 ton electric excavator PC138E-11 equipped with lithium-ion batteries in Japan in January 2024 or later, focusing on the rental market and gradually introducing it to Europe.

                Due to the fact that the market for electrified construction machinery has not yet reached its peak, Komatsu is striving to expand its product lineup and meet customer needs, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

                The Komatsu PC138E-11 is equipped with a large capacity lithium-ion battery and an integrated cooling system for the battery and electrical components, which can meet the needs of long-term operation while reducing the rear end swing radius.

                In areas where the electrification market is expected to form in the future, Komatsu is striving to enable customers with different operating conditions and power supply environments to understand and use Komatsu PC138E-11 for leasing business, so that they can experience its many advantages such as environmental protection and safety. Through this approach, Komatsu will accumulate customer feedback and opinions, thereby promoting the formation and continuous improvement of the electrification market.

                Komatsu has positioned the 2023 fiscal year as the first year of the introduction of the electric construction machinery market, and the release of PC138E-11 is the fourth step in this direction. Komatsu stated that hydraulic excavators are the most widely used among all construction machinery, while the 13 ton excavator has a wide range of usage scenarios and is mainly used in relatively small sites such as urban civil engineering. Therefore, Komatsu will take advantage of the launch opportunity of PC138E-11 to explore a wider market demand and strive to form a relatively complete electrification market. Komatsu will continue to take new steps towards the implementation of futuristic sites, striving to pass on a sustainable future to the next generation.