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                Haining Xinye New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Lan Huagen: Specialized Equipment to Create a High Quality Development Road

                Article source:維特根中國 Upload time:2023-11-09

                Wittgen China held the 2023 Technology Festival event, attracting many industry elites and senior practitioners to attend, discussing the technology and product trends representing the future of road construction - "intelligence, safety, and sustainable development".

                Xiaowei took this opportunity to interview several "old friends" of Wittgen, including Lan Huagen, the equipment supervisor from Haining Xinye New Material Technology Co., Ltd., who is a representative of "technology flow" and has in-depth insights into the application of technology and equipment selection in the construction field.

                In 2012, Haining Xinye New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haining Xinye) was established in Jiaxing. Throughout its decades of industry development, Haining Xinye's reputation has also begun to shine in the local area.

                For Lan Huagen, who has a technical background and has been working in the road construction industry for many years, and has a professional understanding of products, it is not easy to establish trust in a brand. The dimensions and depth he needs to consider are often more meticulous and in-depth than others, and speaking with facts and data has become a habit that this equipment manager has long developed.

                In 2016, we purchased the first Wittgen Group equipment - the Hummer HD 12 VT small roller. At that time, it was used for road edge pressing and corner pressing operations, and the results were very good. This equipment is still in use until now, and the cumulative working time has exceeded 10000 hours. "said Lan Huagen, the director of equipment at Haining Xinye. Starting from this equipment, the performance and quality of the Wittgen Group's equipment left a deep impression on the company where Manager Lan worked. Subsequently, the company successively purchased multiple models of road equipment from various brands under the Wittgen Group.

                As of now, Haining Xinye has more than 20 Wittgen Group road equipment, including Wittgen W50 HRi small milling machines and W215 large milling machines, Fogler Super 700-3 small pavers and Super 1600-3L medium-sized pavers, Super 1900-3L, Super 2100-3L large pavers, and Hummer sized steel wheels, and has built a complete set of construction and maintenance systems, Suitable for various working conditions such as small-scale municipal maintenance, large-scale high-grade highways, and rural roads.

                Over the past decade, Haining New Industry has experienced ups and downs in the market, and now the industry is facing new opportunities under the wave of transformation and upgrading.

                Trustworthy and excellent equipment

                As a leader in the road construction and maintenance industry, Wittgen Group is committed to providing users with a complete set of road construction and maintenance equipment, from small to large, from old models to new models. Wittgen Group's rich product line meets the diverse needs of Haining New Industry.

                At the end of 2022, Wittgen's new generation of half meter range national four milling machine model W50 HRi was officially launched, and small milling machines also entered the era of intelligent operation. Manager Lan, who has a high sensitivity to the equipment, reviewed the situation and suggested that the company purchase this model at the beginning of this year. With excellent milling performance and intelligent control functions, this device was immediately favored by equipment operators from Haining Xinye.

                The first factor we consider when choosing equipment is efficiency. Without efficiency, we won't use it. For example, both large and small milling machines and pavers need to work together. In this regard, Wittgen's machines can fully meet our needs. Because we mainly focus on municipal projects, we have a greater dependence on small equipment. Wittgen's W 50 HRi solves our problem. Many construction projects have milling and planing regulations The mold is small, the construction environment is complex, and there are multiple working faces that require frequent transitions. This device has added intelligent operation functions, such as pre storing the milling depth when encountering well cover milling, edge milling, or when transferring, and controlling the milling depth with one click lifting is very convenient. These intelligent control functions not only improve the efficiency of the construction site and lower fuel consumption, but also greatly reduce the operating threshold of the operator. This machine can greatly enhance our competitiveness in this industry

                Wen Dao has its own order, and the craft industry has its own specialization. Manager Lan has a deep understanding of equipment selection through years of construction experience. He summarized that for different applications, according to the characteristics of this sub field, using professional equipment will result in higher efficiency, better construction quality, higher economy, and can enhance project competitiveness.

                For example, for many small municipal maintenance projects, Haining Xinye has specifically purchased the Fogler Super 700-3 small paver. In many construction conditions with limited space, although manual and auxiliary tools can also complete small-scale repairs, the construction effect and quality cannot be compared to professional equipment. In fact, this small device is scarce on the market and its utilization rate is not low.

                The Super 1600-3 L, which belongs to the category of medium-sized pavers, has also been added by Haining Xinye, mainly for rural road construction. Compared to the large pavers on high-grade highways such as the Super 2100-3 L, the relatively compact body and reasonable weight design of the medium-sized paver make transportation more convenient and fuel consumption more reasonable. The paving width range and paving quality also fully meet the needs of such road paving.

                With a deep understanding of mechanical equipment, Haining Xinye has also won a good reputation in the industry. With a down-to-earth work style and excellent equipment, the project team's evaluation of Haining New Industry has become increasingly high: high construction efficiency and good quality, and the projects they participate in can meet demand expectations.

                With the expansion of its reputation, Haining Xinye has participated in multiple large-scale engineering projects, including Hangzhou Donghu Middle Road, Donghu Elevated Road, Wangmei Road Elevated Road, Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway Baotong Access Road, Qiushi Elevated Road, Tongxiang Avenue, and supporting projects for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

                Manager Lan proudly introduced, "Among all the participating projects, the road repair and improvement of the Hangzhou Asian Games is undoubtedly the most challenging and difficult one." This project has a very straightforward expression for the construction quality requirements, which is to achieve the goal of "no overflow of water" The effect is that there should be no bumps when the vehicle is driving on the road surface, and the error in road surface elevation should be controlled within 5 mm, which requires extremely high paving smoothness for asphalt road construction.

                Moreover, the construction schedule is also very tight, and new road projects are constructed in two shifts a day, day and night. At that time, we used the Fogler high-grade road large-scale paver Super 2100-3 L, and ultimately successfully completed the project on schedule The business policy of Haining Xinye is to strive for survival through quality and development through innovation.

                Only good equipment can ensure the quality of our construction. I told the boss that when we buy equipment, we need to buy top quality equipment. For example, our company's W215 milling machine is the flagship model of the new generation of 2-meter large-scale milling machine from Wittgen.

                In terms of performance, we have compared it through practical use. A milling depth of 30 cm is effortless and can be achieved with just one cut. According to our operator's feedback, in one day, this new machine milled more than 40 carts of asphalt material compared to the old machine we used before, W 1900. The increase in production is too significant

                It is precisely these "tacit knowledge" acquired through years of experience in the industry that Manager Lan and Haining Xinye are moving forward rapidly.

                Reliable and considerate service

                Without service, no matter how good the equipment is, it cannot be used! "This is the experience that Manager Lan has accumulated over many years of work experience. As long as it is mechanical, it is difficult to avoid malfunctions during use.

                Moreover, with the advancement of China's road network construction from extensive management to refined management, construction efficiency and quality requirements have become increasingly strict. As the main force of construction, if equipment malfunctions, it will affect the progress of the entire engineering project, and the importance of fast and professional services is self-evident.

                I am very satisfied with the service system of Wittgen China, and I am sure to make a phone call. The technology is also very good, and we often inspect the equipment. At the beginning of each year, the service engineers from the local agent Zhejiang Road Friends also come to us for training.