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                Liugong 866CN side dump loader can be called a "tunnel construction expert"

                Article source:The station Upload time:2023-11-07

                Now filling a truck with debris is about 5 minutes faster than using a 50 shovel truck before

                Mr. Liu, the person in charge of a certain tunnel construction project, stated that as a key equipment for loading, unloading, and transporting tunnel waste, the side dump loader not only needs high operating efficiency, but also reliable quality and can adapt to the harsh environment of underground operations.

                We are now using two Liugong 866CN side dump loaders to continuously load the dump truck from both sides, greatly improving the loading speed and faster tunnel mucking

                The "Tunnel Construction Expert" Liugong 866CN side dump loader left a deep impression on customers with its powerful operational advantages. Liu and the driver shared the construction situation of the project in detail, showcasing the most authentic driving experience of Liugong side dump loader for us. Let's take a look together!

                Efficient, fast, and easy to hit 866CN stands out

                According to General Manager Liu, the tunnel currently under construction is 3200 meters long and is planned to have 6 lanes in both directions. It is expected to be completed within two years. Unlike open-air flat construction, the tunnel is uneven and has low visibility. At the same time, in order to reduce the dust in the sky after blasting, it is necessary to increase the humidity inside the tunnel

                In addition to the harsh objective environment, in order to ensure the timely completion of tunnel construction, the construction progress must be guaranteed. Mr. Liu pointed to the construction machinery and equipment parked aside, such as loaders, excavators, wet sprayers, mixing trucks, and dump trucks, and said that the performance of these equipment largely determines the success or failure of tunnel engineering projects.

                As a "capable leader" in assisting dump trucks in mucking out, the side dump loaders involved in construction not only need large bucket capacity, but also strong power and high construction efficiency. After comprehensive and meticulous investigation, the Liugong 866CN side dump loader stood out from many brands

                This fourth edition Liugong 866CN side dump loader, specially designed for tunnel mucking, is a shovel transport machine that combines front loading and side unloading. It has a large bucket capacity, high operating efficiency, reliability and durability, and convenient maintenance:

                Equipped with an upgraded version of the L9 National Fourth Platform engine, the engine power has been upgraded to 200kW, with strong power. Adopting a fully hydraulic braking system, high-strength frequent braking has higher safety and reliability. Equipped with the patented box shaped side unloading bucket and bracket invented by Liu Gong, the reliability is high, and the durable service life of the bucket teeth is more than twice that of other products in the same level.

                See the details in the true chapter for comfort and safety

                As is well known, the tunnel operating environment is harsh, so the requirements for the driver's field of view and visibility are extremely high. In addition to high operating efficiency, the Liugong 866CN tunnel side unloading loader also has detailed designs specifically designed for comfortable driving and riding in tunnel conditions.

                The driver's cabin is spacious and bright, with excellent visibility. The driver can easily pass through the trestle in the tunnel, ensuring the safety of driving operations to the greatest extent possible; Equipped with cold and warm air conditioning, the driver can work in the stuffy and dusty tunnel and also breathe fresh and clean air; The high-performance single-layer parallel cooling system and efficient engine intake filter can also adapt well to tunnel high temperature and high dust environments, effectively protecting engine operation and minimizing losses.

                Driver Liang Shifu stated that the Liugong 866CN has excellent handling performance and all operations are flexible and fast. Like when we usually work in tunnels, there is a lot of noise and dust inside, but entering the 866CN cab is like entering a 'shelter', and the sealing of the cab is particularly good

                Since its launch on the market, the Liugong 866CN side dump loader has received widespread praise from users. Regarding this, General Manager Liu, the person in charge of the project site, emphasized that in future project cooperation and construction projects, they will still use various types of equipment from Liugong. The Liugong brand is always trustworthy