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                On the 10th anniversary of the the Belt and Road Initiative, China's construction machinery footprints spread all over the world

                Article source:第一工程機械網 Upload time:2023-10-18

                From October 17 to 18, the third "the Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum will be held in Beijing, with the theme of "high-quality joint construction of the" the Belt and Road ", and joint development and prosperity". So far, China has signed more than 200 cooperation documents with 152 countries and 32 international organizations to jointly build the "the Belt and Road", covering five continents of the world.

                The year 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road" initiative. Over the past decade, Chinese construction machinery manufacturers have deeply cultivated the markets along the "the Belt and Road", helping maritime connectivity to participate in the construction of "Silk Road Maritime" routes; Opening up the "Air Silk Road"; The China Europe Express (Xi'an Tashkent) participating in the construction has access to over 200 cities in 25 European countries, improving cross-border transportation convenience. At the same time, Chinese construction machinery manufacturers and builders have footprints all over the world. Today, I would like to make an inventory of the role of construction machinery manufacturers in the construction of the "the Belt and Road" sea, land and air projects.

                Yawan High Speed Railway

                With a total length of 142.3 kilometers, Ya'an Wanzhou High speed Railway is the first high-speed railway in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It is also the flagship project of China's joint construction of the "the Belt and Road" initiative and Indonesia's "Global Marine Fulcrum" concept docking, and China Indonesia practical cooperation. The whole line adopts Chinese technology and Chinese standards.

                Participating enterprises and equipment:

                Sany has actively responded to the "the Belt and Road" initiative and deeply participated in the construction of Ya'an Wanzhou High speed Railway. According to statistics, at the peak of construction, Sany has more than 500 large-scale equipment in service here, including more than 150 excavators, more than 60 rotary drills, more than 50 cranes, more than 150 mixers, more than 20 mixing stations and more than 30 pump trucks towing pumps. It is responsible for the earthwork and tunnel operations, concrete transportation and pumping, cast-in-place piles and hoisting construction of the whole line. In addition, this project has driven China's intelligent manufacturing and engineering machinery to go global, with Sany Indonesia Lighthouse Factory being a typical representative of it, which was officially completed and put into operation in 2022.

                Zoomlion Heavy Industries participated in the construction of Zoomlion Heavy Industries equipment, including truck cranes, crawler cranes, as well as multiple categories such as mixing plants, mixing trucks, pump trucks, and concrete towing pumps, totaling nearly a hundred sets.

                Liugong Equipment has deeply participated in the construction of the Yawan High Speed Railway, including Liugong loaders, bulldozers, and other equipment. It serves the mixing plant and site maintenance of the Yawan High Speed Railway construction project, as well as the construction of key and difficult projects such as Tunnel 6 and Tunnel 8. With excellent and reliable performance, it has conquered complex engineering conditions and helped the project progress as scheduled.

                The comprehensive testing train designed and manufactured by CRRC for the joint debugging and testing of Indonesia's Yawan high-speed railway has reached a speed of 350 kilometers per hour for the first time, marking that the Yawan high-speed railway has reached the design speed standard and achieved the phased task goal of joint debugging and testing. At the same time, the Yawan high-speed train is a "customized" high-end product provided by CRRC using Chinese standards for the Yawan high-speed train.

                CCCC Tianhe's self-developed shield machine with the largest diameter exported from China to overseas successfully penetrated the Indonesian Yawan High Speed Railway Tunnel 1, helped the construction of key projects of the "the Belt and Road", and polished the bright name card of the "China High Speed Railway" with "Made in China".

                As the "first order" for China's high-speed railway to go abroad, Ya'an Wanzhou high-speed railway is the "the Belt and Road" initiative and Indonesia's "sea"