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                Technology is far ahead! Zoomlion Heavy Industry Intelligent High Speed Machine Won First Prize in 2023 Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Award

                Article source:第一工程機械網 Upload time:2023-10-17

                On October 13th, the list of "Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Awards" for the year 2023 was announced. Zoomlion Intelligent High altitude Machine "Key Technologies and Applications of Ultra High Meter Arm High Altitude Work Platform" won the first prize of the "Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Award" (Science and Technology Progress Award) in 2023.

                The Science and Technology Award of the Machinery Industry is an important award approved by the state in the domestic machinery industry. The first prize is strictly reviewed by academicians and well-known experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the machinery industry. The reward targets units and individuals who have made creative contributions in the field of mechanical industry technology, and have made outstanding contributions to promoting technological progress in the mechanical industry, improving economic and social benefits. The award of "Key Technologies and Applications of Ultra High Meter Arm High Altitude Work Platform" by Zoomlion Heavy Industries Intelligent High Altitude Machine is undoubtedly a double proof of technological innovation strength and intelligent manufacturing capability.

                Breaking through technical barriers and becoming an industry leader

                In recent years, the application fields of ultra-high meter high-altitude work platforms have become increasingly widespread. Especially in the construction of large-scale petrochemical factories, large-scale venue facilities, and maintenance of urban super high building clusters, these are the application scenarios with the highest demand for ultra-high meter high altitude work platforms.

                The high-altitude operation of the ultra-high meter section requires higher equipment operation height, more stable operation, and safer process, which puts forward higher requirements for the product: the boom structure needs to be longer and more complex; Control requirements are smoother and more efficient; The equipment can adapt to complex working environments and has functions such as active safety control. How to ensure that the operating platform operates smoothly and efficiently during high-altitude construction without shaking? These challenges are plaguing global high-altitude work platform manufacturing enterprises.

                The project of "Key Technologies and Applications of Ultra High Meter Arm Type High Altitude Work Platform" of Zoomlion Heavy Industries Intelligent High Altitude Machine starts from two aspects of "design and control", and breakthroughs are made in multiple key technologies such as the design technology of the ultra high meter polygonal arm system, the variable amplitude telescopic composite motion control technology of the ultra long arm, the high-precision X-shaped leg chassis collaborative control technology, and innovative anti extrusion and collision active safety control technology, Solved industry technical problems such as large shaking and severe telescopic shaking in the operation of the ultra-high meter boom system; Improved equipment stability, handling, and operational efficiency; While ensuring smooth movement, the efficiency of boom lifting has been improved; Implemented a three stage progressive partition security control that integrates buffering, detection, and avoidance, effectively protecting the safety of personnel and equipment. The project has obtained 21 patents, including 12 invention patents, 1 international PCT1 application, and 1 registered software copyright.

                At the same time, key technologies have been successfully applied to the development of multiple ultra-high meter high altitude work platform products such as ZT42J, ZT51J-V, ZT58J-V, ZT68J, ZT72J-V, etc. The domestic brand replacement of 40-60 meter high altitude work platforms has been completed, and equipment above 60 meters has filled the gap at home and abroad, achieving the leadership of Zoomlion Intelligent High Altitude Machine in ultra-high meter high altitude work platform equipment.

                Straight into the clouds, repeatedly reaching new heights!

                The breakthrough in key innovative technologies is the foundation for the steady ascent of high-altitude work platform equipment. To this end, Zoomlion Intelligent High Tech has honed its internal skills and pursued the intelligence of its products and client services