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                With ease! XCMG's 80 ton mining excavator strength circle powder

                Article source:Xugong mining machine Upload time:2023-10-09

                Recently, XCMG's 80 ton mining excavator has gained unanimous recognition from mining clients in a limestone mine in Jiangxi Province due to its ultra-high efficiency, excellent quality, and comprehensive service capabilities.

                The 80 ton mining excavator is a "veteran" model developed by XCMG in the early stages and accumulated ten years of technology, with a standard configuration of 5.2m 3 The bucket capacity of XCMG's 80 ton mining truck can be filled in 2 minutes with 9 shovels, and the equipment has a high mobility rate, meeting the mining company's requirements for "production".

                Limestone is an important building material with a long history of mining and is also an essential raw material for modern industrial development. The importance of selecting the right mining equipment is evident, as the utilization rate of limestone mining resources has increased from 40% to 90% today, from small-scale mining by the people's mining movement to mechanized replacement with modern technology. Large-scale mining is the mainstream trend in mining. After trying out XCMG's 70 ton mining excavator, the client recognized XCMG's deep foundation and technical strength as an old industrial brand in China. They decisively purchased two 80 ton mining excavators with larger buckets, stronger excavation power, higher efficiency, and much lower costs than foreign brands, which indeed created higher value for the client.

                The client of this mine is a post-80s generation who grew up listening to the slogan "XCMG XCMG, helping you succeed", Having a natural sense of trust in XCMG: At the beginning, I chose XCMG because I believed that XCMG is a major domestic brand. It can be said that it started with a strong sense of national sentiment, but later it was indeed conquered by XCMG's product strength. Our mining operations also require three shifts, and efficiency is the standard for measuring products. XCMG really exceeded my expectations, with an attendance rate of over 90% for 80 tons of mining, and a few buckets of it filled our mining trucks. Continuous shovel loading and transportation cooperation, loading multiple trucks a day That's just a few dozen cars a month, all of which are profit margins. It's exciting to think about them

                As a national industrial brand, XCMG has always been committed to exploring the truth of engineering technology, immersing itself in the mysteries of technology, and providing more temperature and sustainable super equipment for global engineering machinery.