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                Innovation driven: The newly upgraded Di Wanlun has unlimited possibilities

                Article source:第一工程機械網 Upload time:2023-10-07

                At the BICES 2023 exhibition, the newly upgraded Di Wanlun brand made its debut. With a brand new departure and the pursuit of mining in the world, the 15 engineering machinery products of Di Wanlun showcase their strong, efficient, and intelligent product charm, as well as their confidence in the mining and super mining markets.

                Brand iteration and upgrading, innovation driven not only

                From Daewoo to Doosan, and then to Dyvanlon, every brand refresh is not only a challenge, but also a deep pursuit and mission of product innovation embedded in DNA.

                Since its inception in 1937, we have been deeply involved in the construction machinery industry, committed to providing high reliability products and solutions to global customers. In 1994, we entered the Chinese market and, based on the needs of Chinese customers, developed and manufactured many products suitable for the Chinese market, contributing to the success of Chinese customers, Ding Yuzhen, the President of the China Business Unit of Hyundai Di Wanlun and the Overall Manager of HD Xite Solution's China Business Unit, spoke sincerely, Starting from March 2023, with the release of our new brand strategy, we have showcased our innovative achievements to global customers. At this BICES exhibition, we have showcased a variety of products, including ultra large mining equipment, after-sales services that meet differentiated needs, and intelligent mining solutions. We look forward to continuing to work together with global customers for mutual benefit and development

                Focusing on green mines, highlighting the strength of oversized mining products and services

                At the exhibition, several large tonnage mining equipment products from Di Wanlun were unveiled. DX1000HD, DX800HD, DX680HD, DX560HD excavators, and DT110HD mining dump trucks have won the favor of on-site users due to their "efficient, fuel-efficient, durable, and intelligent" characteristics.

                Di Wanlun also tailors differentiated service solutions for major mining clients, particularly providing comprehensive maintenance and inspection services such as structural component health diagnosis services. It also provides on-site dedicated on-site services and container offices, with experts responding quickly. AR intelligent eyeglasses have no delay in on-site connection and solve problems quickly.

                At the same time, the Di Wanlun butler is able to automatically collect equipment data and provide visual data display, greatly improving equipment efficiency, reducing idle time, and achieving significant results in reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving management quality for customers.

                The path of all benefits goes hand in hand with the times. Di Wanlun will look at the global market, grasp the pulse of the times, keep up with the pace of the times, keenly grasp the development trends of digitization, intelligence, and greening, lean products, optimize structure, and improve services, deeply cultivate the market in the new market transformation environment, and forge ahead.