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                The world's first! Internationally leading! The appraisal meeting for the technological achievements of XCMG's super large tower was successfully held

                Article source:徐工集團XCMG Upload time:2023-09-27

                On September 22nd, the "XCMG XGT15000-600S Ultra Large Tower Crane Technology Achievement Appraisal Meeting" organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The meeting conducted a scientific and technological achievement appraisal on the XGT15000-600S super large tower crane jointly developed by XCMG and China Railway Bridge Bureau.

                The appraisal committee composed of 11 industry authoritative experts, including academicians of the CAE Member, unanimously agreed that the XGT15000-600S super large tower crane is the world's first largest double arm parallel combination and fixed counterweight tower crane, and its overall technology and product performance indicators have reached the international leading level.

                At the appraisal meeting, Yuan Shaozhen, General Manager and Party Secretary of XCMG Tower Crane, delivered a welcome speech. Mi Chenghong, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Tower Crane, reports on the technological achievements of XGT15000-600S ultra large tower crane.

                Yu Xiangjun, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Railway Bridge Group Co., Ltd. and Chief Engineer of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge Project Department, and Liu Ailin, Chief Engineer of Ma'anshan Yangtze River Bridge Project Department of China Railway Bridge Group Co., Ltd. reported on the installation and application of XGT15000-600S super large tower crane.

                Luo Bing, Deputy General Manager of China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Co., Ltd., expressed in his speech that he hopes to use this as a new starting point to deepen cooperation with XCMG, continue to leverage the innovative resource advantages and industry leading role of the "Bridge Construction National Team", and contribute to the technological progress of the bridge construction industry and engineering equipment industry!

                The appraisal committee inspected the construction site of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, carefully listened to the reports of the project completion unit and user representatives, reviewed relevant technical materials, and formed appraisal opinions after expert inquiries and discussions.

                XCMG XGT15000-600S ultra large tower crane has broken through the design technology of the parallel combination boom system for large lifting capacity and high lifting height tower cranes, the high safety collaborative operation and precise control technology for multiple mechanisms of ultra large tower cranes, the efficient use and self balancing continuous lifting structure design technology for multifunctional combinations of ultra large tower cranes, the structural health monitoring and intelligent control technology for ultra large tower cranes, and solved the problem of super large lifting capacity The difficulty of lifting with super large lifting height has achieved high-performance, high safety, high efficiency, and high intelligence lifting operations.

                XCMG XGT15000-600S ultra large tower crane has a rated lifting torque of 15000 tons per meter, a maximum lifting capacity of 600 tons, and a maximum lifting height of over 400 meters. At present, two XCMG XGT15000-600S are participating in the construction of the world's largest span highway railway dual purpose cable-stayed bridge - Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, and the world's largest span three tower cable-stayed bridge - Chaoma Railway Ma'anshan Yangtze River Bridge, with a cumulative working time of over 5000 hours.